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132nd Day of Dapper:

dark blue button-up (Apt. 9)

favourite tie (Henry Grethel)

blue-grey waistcoat (Eighty-Eight)

grey slacks (Executive Collection)

grey blazer w/ stripe (Park Avenue)

black dress shoes (Stacy Adams)

argyle socks

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131st Day of Dapper:

violet button-up (Calvin Klein)

hooded cardigan (Retro Fit)

black skinny tie (H&M)

brown jacket (Material London)

jeans (Levi-Strauss)

grey sneakers (Vans)

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130th Day of Dapper: (featuring the unsuspecting tumblr user orcoga)

white button-up (Arrow Dover)

jeans (Levi-Strauss)

black sweater (Calvin Klein Jeans)

dark pinstripe blazer (Uomo)

black dress shoes (Stacy Adams)

Superman tie

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129th Day of Dapper:

blue+white checked button-up (Kirkland)

navy blue jumper (Alfani)

grey slacks (Executive Collection)

blue+black stripe socks (Sock It To Me)

grey sneakers (Vans)

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128th Day of Dapper:

blue button-up (Single Needle Tailoring)

blue-grey waistcoat (Eighty-Eight)

black sworly tie (George)

dark pinstripe suit (Uomo)

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127th Day of Dapper: Halloween Special aka Look How Behind I Am On These (featuring tumblr users igabooge and orcoga)

My Howard Moon costume (from the Mighty Boosh) consisted of:

- silk shirt w/ pattern

- hooded cardigan

- grey slacks

- grey hat (not quite a fedora)

- black dress shoes

- black/blue striped socks

- a moustache

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Tolkien reads his poem, “Namárië”.  

Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen,
yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron!
Yéni ve lintë yuldar avánier
mi oromardi lissë-miruvóreva
Andúnë pella, Vardo tellumar
nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni
ómaryo airetári-lírinen.

Sí man i yulma nin enquantuva?

An sí Tintallë Varda Oiolossëo
ve fanyar máryat Elentári ortanë
ar ilyë tier undulávë lumbulë;
ar sindanóriello caita mornië
i falmalinnar imbë met,
ar hísië untúpa Calaciryo míri oialë.
Sí vanwa ná, Rómello vanwa, Valimar!

Namárië! Nai hiruvalyë Valimar.
Nai elyë hiruva. Namárië!

Ah! like gold fall the leaves in the wind,
long years numberless as the wings of trees!
The long years have passed like swift draughts
of the sweet mead in lofty halls
beyond the West, beneath the blue vaults of Varda
wherein the stars tremble
in the song of her voice, holy and queenly.

Who now shall refill the cup for me?

For now the Kindler, Varda, the Queen of the Stars,
from Mount Everwhite has uplifted her hands like clouds,
and all paths are drowned deep in shadow;
and out of a grey country darkness lies
on the foaming waves between us,
and mist covers the jewels of Calacirya for ever.
Now lost, lost to those from the East is Valimar!

Farewell! Maybe thou shalt find Valimar.
Maybe even thou shalt find it. Farewell!

This is truly amazing. To hear Elvish the way it was supposed to be spoken. Absolutely beautiful.

Played 40,965 times. via Moss Prince.
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Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is a lie.
Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is just a phase.
Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is childish.

I live and breath my gender fluidity. I proudly stand within the Gender Queers in support of a new, gender variant society.

Gender is the seed that has sprouted into the discriminatory, bigoted & bland society we live in. When you dig down deep into the issues surrounding the world right now it all comes back to one tiny little fuck up. The idea that biological sex somehow determines the gender roll of individuals is a lie. In fact, gender rolls is a lie. Just because I identify as gender fluid does not mean that I must uphold any societal expectation, associated with gender fluidity.

Plain and simple, I plan on having two children.
I will not teach my little boy to “be a man.”
I will not teach my little girl what it means to “be a woman.”
Instead, i’ll teach my children to just simply be good people.
Because a society full of good people makes for a better life than a society full of classified, judgmental, opinionated and shallow people.

Thank you,
Elliott Alexzander

This message brought to you by House of Alexzander

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hunter!ten and angel!rose have a violent first meeting
"Who the bloody hell are you?"
"I’m an angel of the Lord."


hunter!ten and angel!rose have a violent first meeting

"Who the bloody hell are you?"

"I’m an angel of the Lord."

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